Qigong Boxing

Weekly classes - Thursdays 6 to 7.15pm

R300 per month

Moya Naturopathy & Wellness Centre - 81 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek

Whatsapp Steve @ 073 071 7745


The classes cover Qigong, Push Hands and Flow Boxing techniques


Benefits of Qigong, Push Hands and Flow Boxing

Improved health - General wellbeing - Vitality - Agility

Centredness - Postural strength - Soft power


About Qigong

Simply put, Qigong is the art of deliberately managing your vital energy. It is easier to learn than Tai Chi and less strenuous than Yoga. Qigong combines simple external body movements with gentle breathing methods and is performed in a meditative state of mind. It is the oldest of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practiced by millions of people daily worldwide and has a written record going back 5000 years. It requires zero athleticism or investment in equipment. If you can spare 10-15 minutes a day, you can practice this art. In case you were wondering, Chi Kung and Qigong are different spellings of the same thing.

What kinds of Qigong do we do?

  • Chi flow - lohan hands
  • Consolidating - fire and water
  • Interactive drills - push hands
  • Free flow movement - flow boxing and monkey

All practice includes the 5 fundamental stages

  1. Entering Qigong state of mind
  2. Dynamic movement with the exercise form
  3. Flowing breeze, swaying willows
  4. Flowing stillness
  5. Closing point sequence

Qigong exercises we cover:

  • Vitality
  • Long life
  • Strengthen dantien
  • Strengthen legs
  • Dragon flow
  • Ground monkey
  • Tai chi walk
  • Tai chi waist
  • Cloud hands
  • Flow boxing harmonies
  • Sinew metamorphosis
  • Plus others if needed

Solo Qigong practice is also about connection within, which in turn allows for external connection. Connection within is being integrated and aligned with gravity. This develops a root (being heavy) and at the same time a lightness. Once this base is achieved, it brings about the ability to connect and feel the balance of a training partner when practicing push hands.

About Push Hands

Push Hands involves training with a partner to develop the following.

  1. Rooting - Stability of stance. Lowered centre of gravity. Internal alignment. Connection with the ground.
  2. Yielding - The ability to dissolve and empty pressure placed on you by redirecting the force into the ground. To separate parts of the body in an integrated way.
  3. Directed force - The application of power to an opponent by connecting the separate parts of the body as a wave from the ground.

About Flow Boxing

This involves using your solo and push hands training in free flow movement, with strikes.

Drills include:

  • Shadow boxing
  • Pad and bag work
  • Partner drills

All practice encompasses:

  • Footwork - Fundamental movement to be in the right position to avoid strikes while placing you in a position to strike. Solo and partner drills.
  • Head movement - Based on footwork and timing.
  • Striking - Punches and kicks which stem from the ground. This allows strikes to flow naturally.


About the Teacher

Steve Mendonidis

Steve-3Steve has been practicing martial arts and Qigong since 1981 and has trained with masters in South Africa, Malaysia and Japan. His training has included karate, tai chi, aikido, pakua, xingyi, wing chun, shaolin kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA). Steve has taught many groups and individuals over the years.

Steve has learnt many Qigong forms over the years. His main (real) Qigong influence was from Shaolin kung fu and chi kung Sifu Wong Kiew Kit. Sifu Wong is the fourth generation successor of monk Jiang Nan of the Shaolin Monastery and disciple of the late Lai Chin Wah, Uncle Righteousness.



Own training in between classes
Comfortable training clothes - no shoes required